Saturday, February 2, 2013


Hi  Welcome to my Blog.
I'm an author working on my very first book.  It's a christian young adult historical fantasy.
As a home schooling mom, my goal it to teach people.  My women's Bible study spent three and a half years studying the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2 Chronicles and those were combined with the minor prophets.  After that many years of study one might expect the kings of Israel to be all lined up neatly in my memory.  Well they are not.  So when I first had the idea to write a book (just to see if I could) I thought it would be nice if there was an easier way to remember all those kings and prophets and which kingdom they were part of and what they did.  So being a fantasy fan, that was my first choice of genre.  Shortly before this wild idea, I had read some of our home school material to my kids and was fascinated by the people group Falashas. They are Ethiopian Jews who some people believe are descendents of king Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, through Menelik.  Now doesn't that just peak your curiosity? After reading about the Falashas, I started noticing that Ethiopians pop up throughout the Bible. I had to find a way to include this amazing group of people into my book.   So a whooping two days after wondering if I could write a book, I opened a word document and began writing my own story and dramatizing the Biblical account found in 1 Samuel.
I'm currently in the process of my first re-write and expect that there will be at least one more re-write and then it will need professionally edited.  (You may have already decided that is a good idea after reading this post.)  Then to decide on how to publish and get that all done and over with, then you can read my book.  I hope that God uses this book to teach people about Himself in a creative way. 
You should know that my first book is book one in a series.  That much Bible just won't fit into one reasonably sized book.
So please extend me a little patience and I will do my best to get my book out to you. 
Thanks for walking this journey with me.

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  1. Kara,

    What I wanted to let you know you have at least started and I also embarking my journey to get my first book out.

    Let us pray that Lord will lead us to complete our books out this year.

    Meanwhile, I will love to review your book if I am given a chance. I have started to review books for authors for this networks. For this year, I have reviewed 3 books and on the way to complete my fourth one.

    Cheers and God bless,