Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's all coming back to me now!

Ahh yes, this is why I started this crazy journey. I started to write Book two this week, and oh what fun. After re-writing book one, and researching how to get my book a copyright, edited and published, I had forgotten why I started this in the first place. Well, actually, when I started I didn't know that I would love writing, I just wondered if I could do it. And while that point may still be debatable, since few have read my book, and an editor has yet to fine tune it, I did find out that I love to write.

Book two has been so much easier to start than book one. I think that is because I really know my characters now. I was meeting them while I was writing book one. I'm also enjoying tying in little details form book one into book two, it's like the ultimate "Inside Joke."

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