Friday, December 6, 2013

Blog Tour -Green Leaf, The Potawatomi Boy - Chapter Two

Thanks for joining me again for another chapter of ...

Green Leaf, The Potawatomi Boy
Lisa J Lickel, illustrated by Brenda Hendricks

Enjoy Chapter Two and remember:

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Chapter Two
He poked his foot at the patch of dirt with strange plants growing. Green Leaf could see they were not plants for food. He wondered why the Big Hair people wanted them. The other boy skipped over to him.
Green Leaf remembered Grandfather’s stories.
“Bonjoo,” he said, and looked at his knees, worried he had said the wrong word.
“Ah, bonjour!” cried the boy. “Bien! Bien!”
Green Leaf raised his head so just his eyes showed. The Big Hair boy jumped up and down, up and down. His little hat fell off and his coat buttons jiggled. He made many sounds, none of which Green Leaf could understand.