Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A new chapter

Well, I had one of those problems that didn't seem to have a good solution. I was a little long winded in chapter two and needed to find a way to move Biblical content. Cutting it was not an option for me. Since chapter three appeared to have the same problem, I couldn't just bump content form chapter two to three or I would have a worse mess than before.

After thinking and praying about what to do, the thought came that maybe I should just add a chapter between two and three and move content form both of them into the new chapter. The more I thought about it the better I liked the idea. I had a great deal of character development that was missing in the first chapters of my book. This was due to the fact that when I sat down to write I didn't know my characters.

I'm really happy with my decision to add this chapter and move the Biblical content to it so that the chapters are more readable. Plus it was great to just sit down and write. I hope that I have made my main character stronger and explained life in this world a little better.

I've enjoyed the editing experience and am so grateful that with my editors help I've been able to wrap my brain around point of view. It makes such a difference in how my book reads. Yes, that is right. I didn't even know about pov when I began writing and first learned about it when I was almost finished with my first draft. I had a hard time reconciling writing in third person and using a pov. After all I chose third person so that I wouldn't be locked into one persons story.  I'm so glad that now I can say, "I get it." I see how pov and third person work together to craft a great story.

Well, back to work for me.  I have to get this new chapter ready so that I can read it to my daughters class next week.

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